“It’s not the theories that interest and excite me- it’s the doing that keeps me going”

I secured a GPA of 6.04 in Advertising, Public Relations and Branding. While pursing my graduation, I worked with digital marketing agencies like Teamspirit, Amazing PR, My Little Shop and Glam Touch. Here, I was involved in creating content, proofreading articles, maintaining social media calendars so as to communicate with the audience and understand their behaviour better.

I have to say my little experience with these established ventures taught me the importance of a brand.What goes inside its making and how to make the client your boss. All interesting stuff.

If I rewind back, I also won the title of ‘Miss TIS’ and Times Fresh Face that is awarded to individuals who exhibit exceptional communication skills in different cultural and inter city competitions.

All this instilled me to start my blog. You can find a variety of topics covered here. Ranging from Entrepreneurship, Mental Health to Inner Beauty and University Life.

When not communicating and building public relations, you will find me reading a book near the Ganges or trying to flaunt my Spanish speaking skills.

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