“It’s not the theories that interest and excite me- it’s the doing that keeps me going”

Salonie is an ambitious young creative pursuing bachelors in Media and Communication from Middlesex University, London.

She has been the head speaker and campaign coordinator for various non-profit organisations like Acid Survivors Association and Mental Health Now, where she received accolades for demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities.Furthermore, she also won the title of ‘Miss TIS’, awarded to individuals who exhibit exceptional communication skills in different cultural and inter city competitions.

In 2017 she moved to London, United Kingdom to complete her under graduation in Communications Studies, a vocation she is enthusiastic and passionate about.

While completing her degree she simultaneously interned with public relations and fashion businesses. Some of them are Team Spirit, Amazing PR, Glam Touch and My Little Shop. Working with these established ventures enhanced her interpersonal skills that play a crucial role in Creative Media Industries.

This instilled Salonie to start her own blog. She covers a variety of topics, ranging from Entrepreneurship, Mental Health to Inner Beauty and other Lifestyle domains.

When not communicating and building public relations, you would find her playing Badminton and practising Meditation in the Ganges, India

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